• We lead with faith and integrity
    • We make business decisions based on the standards and principles of God—righteousness, truth and honesty
    • We commit to strive for excellence in everything we do
    • We commit to empower people, both professionally and personally
  • We advance the local and global economy
    • We help local Indonesian businesses to manage their risk and connect them to the global market
    • We help global businesses to manage their risk through our products and expand their exposure in Indonesia with confidence
    • We help market participants to contribute fair pricing mechanism
  • We focus on stakeholders
    • We see the world from our customers’ perspective, offering the products and services and technology that enables them to achieve their goals
    • We stay connected to our stakeholders, earning their trust by creating opportunities that help the industry grow
    • We encourage diverse perspectives into our values, discovering new insights and opportunities to escalate our business
  • We registered ingenuity in our DNA
    • We take calculated risks and generate big ideas through peer and stakeholders insights
    • We value originality in ideas and uphold execution
    • We encourage and promote innovation as the key driver of success