Trading Platform

In 2015, ICDX choose Cerebro as its main trading solution. Cerebro has the ability to connect via a FIX API all ICDX members who already have their own trading system. The transition to the new trading system thus came at a low cost to members, who did not have to change their own systems.
Among the benefits of Cerebro are:

  1. Sound Architecture & Design
  2. Powerful Matching Engine from our predecessor Machine Engine
  3. Low Latency & High Capacity
  4. Easy for System & Business Settings
  5. Attractive Look & Feel from Front-end to Back-end
  6. Stable
  7. High Performance
  8. User Friendly
  9. Open Architecture; compatible with any of trading platform



  1. MetaTrader 5 (Download)
  2. Smart Trader (Release version 4.5.1)
  3. VPN access (SSL VPN)
  4. EAS (Exchange Administration System) Demo -
  5. Quick Guide Smart Trader (attachment)

  6. EAS Broker Guide (Download)
  7. SmartTrader User Guide Versi 1.0 (Attachment)