1. What is ICDX ?

    Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) is a new fully regulated electronic futures exchange to establish a faster, more efficient competitive alternative for trading futures contracts.

  2. What products will ICDX offer ?

    ICDX offers a wide arrange of commodity derivatives, which include three major groups of commodities: metals, soft agricultural products, and energy. These products will be listed in phases as ICDX innovates and brings new product offerings to the marketplace.

  3. What are the benefits of ICDX ?

    ICDX will allow for market arbitrage, outright and spread execution and cash/futures basis trading through multiple front ends and an ultra fast matching engine.

  4. What are the fees ?

    Our compelling fee structure consists of a low bundled fee (clearing and exchange fees) for users with ADV (Average Daily Volume) above 400 contract sides. For low volume users at or below 400 contract sides of ADV, the bundled fee will depend on each contract. The new fee schedule represents a large reduction in costs for almost all market participants.

  5. How do I sign up to automatically receive news releases ?

    To receive ICDX news releases, you can sign up on the ICDX website at www.icdx.co.id by entering your email address on the send me newsletter box located contacts page

  6. When and how will open interest be reported ?

    Open interest is calculated at day's end and will be reported by the exchange/clearinghouse to the public the morning following the trading day.

  7. How do I contact ICDX ?

    See Contact ICDX for a list of contact information for ICDX staff.

  8. What forms are necessary to start trading in ICDX ?

    See Memberships section for more information