OVERVIEW Indonesia Clearing House (ICH)

Indonesia Clearing House (ICH)

Indonesia Clearing House (ICH) Clearing operates with internationally recognized standards for risk management, margin and settlement. The Clearing Document will be responsible for all clearing and settlement transactions.

All contract trading transactions in the ICDX system are warranted by Clearing member and Clearing ICH, only after the contract has been agreed and cleared for clearing. All Exchange participants must incline transactions through ICH Clearing members to ensure they come from a strong financial section behind Contract them after they are transacted.

Once the contract has been accepted for clearing, ICH Clearing replaces itself as a buyer to the seller and vice versa. ICH clearing will hold every position of member of clearing without exception of that position for other member, non member, client or member clearing account. In short, ICH Clearing keeps a Clearing member and orders accounts and guarantees all payments and liabilities.