There are two types of trading systems in derivative trading, namely bilateral and multilateral trading systems.

The Multilateral trading is conducted on the exchange with many buyers and sellers, the same with the Stock Exchange. The Bilateral Trading System is done outside the exchange where the customer is dealing with 1 trader / dealer. The Alternative trading system is a bilateral trading.

The Alternative Trading System (ATS) is a trading mechanism that deals with the sale and purchase of derivative contracts other than Futures Contracts and Sharia Derivative Contracts, which is conducted outside the exchange, bilaterally utilizing margin collection which is registered to the Futures Exchange and the Clearing House, in accordance with Law no. 10/2011.

ATS transactions do not have liquidity problems because every time the trader/dealer will provide an offering of purchase price and selling price. Thus, ATS transaction will make easier customers who want to buy and sell the currency.

Transaction SPA is one alternative to take profit of the price fluctuation. It is also can be used for managing the risk currency (hedging).

SPA transactions include among others:
Stock Index derivative contract
Single stock derivative contract
Foreign Exchange(Forex) derivative contract
Commodity derivative contracts;